USJ Holiday Mart

We are excited to be a part of the 47th Annual USJ Holiday Mart that is put on by the University School of Jackson each year. Here is a list of all the dates and times for this years Holiday Mart festivities:

Preview Party on Thursday, Nov 16th from 6 pm – 9 pm

All Day Shopping on Friday, Nov 17th from 9 am – 5 pm

Jingle Bell Mingle (Girls Night!) Friday, Nov 17th from 6 pm – 9 pm

All Day Shopping on Saturday, Nov 18th from 9 am – 5 pm

Shopping on Sunday, Nov 19th from 11 am – 5 pm

Special events on Saturday and Sunday including High Tea with my Doll and Me and Santa’s Workshop!


Tickets for General Admission and all Special events are available here:


General admission tickets are available at the door for $7. Special event tickets must be purchased in advance!

For more information visit our website at!

You can also check out their Facebook Page.



The Dude and a Wine Box

Wine Box

This past week I made a wine box. Actually, I made a lot of wine boxes.

Grubb’s Grocery ordered 12 to sell in their store which may not seem like a lot but gluing 12 of those by hand makes it seem like a lot more than you might imagine. But I’m not here to complain, I’m here to tell you about how sweet these wine boxes really are.

They are tall enough to hold pretty much any sized bottle of the good stuff that you would want, and they have a cool, unique, hand-made feel that you couldn’t really get anywhere else. My personal favorite, the Screw It! Wine box has a sweet corkscrew design on the front and always makes me think, it may have been a bad day but screw it there’s always tomorrow.

Screw It Wine Box

It kind of reminds me of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. His approach to life is very similar, no matter the crappy situations he faces, from getting his carpet peed on to a marmot being thrown in his bathtub, he says Screw it! And continues to do what he wants to do.

I think if the Dude drank wine, you’d find this wine box in his house.

I’m telling you that’s one philosophical wine box right there.

I would recommend heading down to buy one at Grubb’s right now, to be honest, but hey that’s just like my opinion man.

Wine boxes can make a man think and I encourage people to not only buy our wine boxes, but to also share their own ideas to put funny, profound, or just cute wine boxes in theirs and others homes using Random Pieces of Wood as their conduit.

That’s about it for my rant about wine boxes, but don’t worry you’ll hear from me again.

And don’t you forget, The Dude abides.

What I Learned This Week At Work

Well I learned a lot this week at work. Working at Random Pieces of Wood, there is never a dull moment. The first thing I learned is how to shrink wrap coasters with a heat gun. Which I must say is like the insanely cooler version of wrapping a Christmas present. I also learned that one should probably take pictures of the coasters for the website before shrink wrapping them. But hey, failure is always an option as long as something is learned from previous mistakes. I’ve also learned that work isn’t everything via Austin himself. As passionate as he is about his businesses, he is even more passionate about living life. If that means going from work to multiple baseball practices a day, he’ll do it. I admire this kind of philosophy and hope that I will never let work consume my life either. This Thursday I accompanied Austin on a little expedition to the restaurant of one of his clients: the famous Reggi’s BBQ. It was there that I learned the importance of meeting a client face to face and forming a relationship with them that not only benefits the company by giving material to work with, but also benefits the client by making them feel more comfortable knowing that their opinions and work is valued. I also learned the importance of details from Reggi himself. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how RPW puts attention into the small details, well it is worth repeating just how important that is. Reggi is a details man. He came into his restaurant and noticed that one of the TVs wasn’t turned on, and this frustrated him. “It’s the little things that make the customer comfortable,” he says, “My whole mission is to make these customers comfortable and while my employees come first because I can’t do it without them, my customers are second.” Reggi’s business is all about the small details. It’s the small things that make people want to go to Reggi’s rather than some other BBQ restaurant,and he is very aware of that. So I really did learn a lot this week, but as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

Random Perspective: An Employee’s View

Nowadays I find myself reading more and more about changing my perspective. Whether it’s in politics or worldviews, there’s always some reason to view things from a different angle. In this case it is Random Pieces of Wood that is being observed from a new angle. I am certain many visitors of the site have viewed RPW from a consumers perspective, yet I doubt any of them have seen it from the perspective of an employee. It is this new perspective that I aim to provide. My name is Will Taylor and I work at Random Pieces of Wood. I began working there this summer and it has already provided me with invaluable experience. The first thing that I learned at RPW is the value of the customer. The customer is everything. This has been communicated through the quality with which we manufacture our products, and the care that Austin takes to fulfill all of the customers needs. That could mean juggling phone calls and emails all while making a custom set of coasters, but it is all worth it to satisfy the needs of the customer. RPW geniuenly values and cares for its customers. Yet another experience Random Pieces of Wood has provided me has been a new understanding of attention to detail. Attention to detail is often referred to as meticulous or too time consuming, but the small details are what make Random Pieces of Wood who we are. As a small local company word of mouth is one of our most valuable resources, and nobody wants to talk about a substandard and uninteresting product. RPW strives to provide high-quality products that will stand out and make people laugh, or think, and generally just be awesome. This type of quality requires care and attention to detail that we here at RPW are very intentional to provide. I hope that through this brief post I have managed to provide our viewers with a new perspective from the inside of Random Pieces of Wood and provided a deeper understanding of our values and workings. So go ahead and buy some cool stuff from Random Pieces of Wood and give me something to do!