The Dude and a Wine Box

Wine Box

This past week I made a wine box. Actually, I made a lot of wine boxes.

Grubb’s Grocery ordered 12 to sell in their store which may not seem like a lot but gluing 12 of those by hand makes it seem like a lot more than you might imagine. But I’m not here to complain, I’m here to tell you about how sweet these wine boxes really are.

They are tall enough to hold pretty much any sized bottle of the good stuff that you would want, and they have a cool, unique, hand-made feel that you couldn’t really get anywhere else. My personal favorite, the Screw It! Wine box has a sweet corkscrew design on the front and always makes me think, it may have been a bad day but screw it there’s always tomorrow.

Screw It Wine Box

It kind of reminds me of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. His approach to life is very similar, no matter the crappy situations he faces, from getting his carpet peed on to a marmot being thrown in his bathtub, he says Screw it! And continues to do what he wants to do.

I think if the Dude drank wine, you’d find this wine box in his house.

I’m telling you that’s one philosophical wine box right there.

I would recommend heading down to buy one at Grubb’s right now, to be honest, but hey that’s just like my opinion man.

Wine boxes can make a man think and I encourage people to not only buy our wine boxes, but to also share their own ideas to put funny, profound, or just cute wine boxes in theirs and others homes using Random Pieces of Wood as their conduit.

That’s about it for my rant about wine boxes, but don’t worry you’ll hear from me again.

And don’t you forget, The Dude abides.

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