What I Learned This Week At Work

Well I learned a lot this week at work. Working at Random Pieces of Wood, there is never a dull moment. The first thing I learned is how to shrink wrap coasters with a heat gun. Which I must say is like the insanely cooler version of wrapping a Christmas present. I also learned that one should probably take pictures of the coasters for the website before shrink wrapping them. But hey, failure is always an option as long as something is learned from previous mistakes. I’ve also learned that work isn’t everything via Austin himself. As passionate as he is about his businesses, he is even more passionate about living life. If that means going from work to multiple baseball practices a day, he’ll do it. I admire this kind of philosophy and hope that I will never let work consume my life either. This Thursday I accompanied Austin on a little expedition to the restaurant of one of his clients: the famous Reggi’s BBQ. It was there that I learned the importance of meeting a client face to face and forming a relationship with them that not only benefits the company by giving material to work with, but also benefits the client by making them feel more comfortable knowing that their opinions and work is valued. I also learned the importance of details from Reggi himself. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how RPW puts attention into the small details, well it is worth repeating just how important that is. Reggi is a details man. He came into his restaurant and noticed that one of the TVs wasn’t turned on, and this frustrated him. “It’s the little things that make the customer comfortable,” he says, “My whole mission is to make these customers comfortable and while my employees come first because I can’t do it without them, my customers are second.” Reggi’s business is all about the small details. It’s the small things that make people want to go to Reggi’s rather than some other BBQ restaurant,and he is very aware of that. So I really did learn a lot this week, but as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

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