Random Perspective: An Employee’s View

Nowadays I find myself reading more and more about changing my perspective. Whether it’s in politics or worldviews, there’s always some reason to view things from a different angle. In this case it is Random Pieces of Wood that is being observed from a new angle. I am certain many visitors of the site have viewed RPW from a consumers perspective, yet I doubt any of them have seen it from the perspective of an employee. It is this new perspective that I aim to provide. My name is Will Taylor and I work at Random Pieces of Wood. I began working there this summer and it has already provided me with invaluable experience. The first thing that I learned at RPW is the value of the customer. The customer is everything. This has been communicated through the quality with which we manufacture our products, and the care that Austin takes to fulfill all of the customers needs. That could mean juggling phone calls and emails all while making a custom set of coasters, but it is all worth it to satisfy the needs of the customer. RPW geniuenly values and cares for its customers. Yet another experience Random Pieces of Wood has provided me has been a new understanding of attention to detail. Attention to detail is often referred to as meticulous or too time consuming, but the small details are what make Random Pieces of Wood who we are. As a small local company word of mouth is one of our most valuable resources, and nobody wants to talk about a substandard and uninteresting product. RPW strives to provide high-quality products that will stand out and make people laugh, or think, and generally just be awesome. This type of quality requires care and attention to detail that we here at RPW are very intentional to provide. I hope that through this brief post I have managed to provide our viewers with a new perspective from the inside of Random Pieces of Wood and provided a deeper understanding of our values and workings. So go ahead and buy some cool stuff from Random Pieces of Wood and give me something to do!

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